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enola reven is currently a solo act with session musicians sometimes consulted. Most music and vocals are composed and recorded by Himitsu, who is influenced by a wide variety of art and music including classical, ambient, jazz, video game/cinematic, darkwave, alternative, synth-pop, 90's Japanese rock & visual kei, noise, and all kinds of metal. Himitsu is from the USA and has lived in many different regions of the country, now in the territory of Guam (an island about 3 hours south of Japan and East of the Phillipines.) Lyrical topics range from personal and introspective to philosophical and sociopolitical, with the sounds equally as diverse.

Himitsu has also released an experimental electronic album, SCI FI HORROR SHIT SHOW, several ambient + electronic singles, and two video game music covers before the name 'enola reven' was first used. The debut album of enola reven, Disassociation Fugue, is a downtempo, emotional, tense expression of various mental illnesses that come from Himitsu's own experiences as well as those of close friends. It follows the first release, a cover of Silent Hill 4's theme 'Room of Angel' originally composed by Akira Yamaoka. A 2nd single is currently in the works, and a new video game cover of 'Kuja's theme' from Final Fantasy 9 has been released as a free track on Soundcloud and Youtube. Himitsu is currently busy as a college student and working on an illustrated novel, 'Moonlight Dirge', before continuing with the new single.

Himitsu enola reven
HIMITSU [Vocals + Music]

Pronoun He/They
Birthdate: October 16, 1988
Birthplace: New Orleans, USA
Favorite color: purple, black, light grey
Favorite animal: butterfly, snake, cat


xx.xx.2021 Details about Himitsu's first illustrated novel, Moonlight Dirge, are published on vincentsnow_art Twitter and a preview is available on Wattpad. Check the pinned tweet on @vincentsnow_art!

xx.xx.2021 Preview of the new single 'Paper Butterflies' is published on Instagram and Twitter. Check the pinned post on enola reven official Twitter or the bubble on Instagram to hear the raw instrumentals!

10.11.2020 Himitsu's cover of 'Kuja's Theme' from FFIX with accompanying artwork is live on Youtube and Soundcloud. Downloads sent to PETALS.

06.03.2020 Review of 'SCI FI HORROR SHIT SHOW' will be in Issues magazine for June. Check out for new photos and background on Disassociation Fugue.

22.04.2020 'The Tea Room', comic + BGM written in 2016, is now available again.

16.04.2020 Disassociation Fugue CD/DVD regular + limited edition pre-orders open. Photoset added to goods section.

05.04.2020 Debut album 'Disassociation Fugue' digital version released. Fanclub 50% off for coronavirus crisis.

01.03.2020 Petals fanclub re-vamp. New exclusive track available.

01.01.2020 Music removed from streaming and online stores. Please bookmark this website & download Soundcloud and Bandcamp!

28.09.2019 Fanclub 'Petals' membership is open. New Disassociation Fugue posters in Goods section.

21.04.2019 5-song Promotional version of debut album 'Disassociation Fugue' available on streaming services!

13.04.2019 New Single, a cover of Akira Yamaoka's 'Room of Angel' from the Silent Hill 4 OST, featuring a Theta state binaural beat, is now available streaming and in music stores.

19.03.2019 Depression full PV released, published on Youtube and Daily Motion alongside the lyric video for Disassociation Fugue.

15.02.2019 Himitsu's Squishy Cat new website published with 3 new comics! Check out the website here

12.26.2018 Preview of Depression PV from Disassociation Fugue, enola reven's debut EP, published on Youtube.

02.26.2018 Himitsu released SEVEN Seven seven / Mechanical Decomposition, a two-track album of glitch-industrial music to infect your speakers.

02.20.2018 The Realm of Secrets Winter 2018 Collection [Purgatory] designed by Himitsu is out! Click the Realm of Secrets button.

07.20.2017 HIMITSU (enola reven) First live show booked in Seattle August 18th! Check the Events page!

04.07.2017 HIMITSU: SCI FI HORROR SHIT SHOW Photobook - The Words of God released in print and digital! Read the diary of God and learn more about the world of SCI FI HORROR SHIT SHOW. Check out the shop for previews & purchase.

31.05.2017 SCI FI HORROR SHIT SHOW (Himitsu) Digital album + Poster released. Check out the Shop to preview or get a copy!

20.05.2017 Squishy Cat and Acquaintences: The Very First Book Ever is now available in print and digital. Check the Squishy Cat page!

18.03.2017 NEW EVENTS added. Himitsu drag and singing performances and live painting show! Check the schedule for details.

16.03.2017 NEW ITEM in The Hidden Box: 4 unique nail sets designed by Himitsu.

12.03.2017 NEW CHARACTER + CHARACTER PAGE created for Squishy Cat and friends! Meet Demon Pig and watch his cartoon on youtube.

NEW RELEASE: Himitsu photo/poetry book + ambient track Petrified

NEW RELEASE: Himitsu photobook + ambient track Gore Doll

NEW RELEASE: Himitsu photobook + ambient track Yume to Akumu no niwa Ni

NEW RELEASE: Himitsu photobook + ambient track Refection: After Nightfall

NEW RELEASE: Himitsu photobook + ambient track Para

NEW RELEASE: Himitsu photobook + ambient track Dust Ballet


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Brain Vomit (2016 Himitsu Art Collection Book)
$13.20 Softcover print
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HIMITSU - SCI FI HORROR SHIT SHOW: The Words of God photobook
SCI FI HORROR SHIT SHOW: The Words of God [Photobook]
$15 Softcover print
Himitsu refection after midnight
Refection: After Nightfall - Himitsu photobook
$20.07 Print book
$1 Digital track 'Under the waters of Desire'
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Himitsu imitation haiku
Yume to Akumu no Niwa Ni - Himitsu Photobook
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